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Jim with some of his Northwest trophies 

Today, my hair is deservedly a bit more gray than not. I’ve been traipsing through woods, fields and hollers since I’ve been big enough to keep up, at least big enough to find the truck on my own. If it has fur, feathers or scales and it breathes or filters oxygen in the lower 48, there is a chance I have pursued it, possibly to the point of obsession.

After retiring from a real job in 2003, I have worked as a hunting guide, chasing Roosevelt elk, mule deer, black bear and upland birds. Some injuries and surgeries won’t allow me to continue guiding, but it has done nothing to diminish my desire to be afield. I’m slower, but I am still on the trail.

My first magazine article was published in “Bear Hunter” magazine in 2002 (not to be confused with “Bear Hunting” magazine). Oregon Hunter, Turkey Call, Rack, Bear Hunting, Big Game Adventures, Trail of the Sportsman and others, have each been kind enough to print my outdoor driven prose. With nearly 100 articles in publications across North America, I feel as though I have only dusted the surface of my writing goals.

I hope to electronically meet and greet likeminded hunters and outdoor enthusiasts through this blog. One thing is for certain, regardless of your age and abilities, you never stop learning and hopefully we will never lose our desire to improve our game…



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