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Hello and Welcome


Hello and welcome to my blog.  Check out the “Introduction” link under “Categories” and then peruse the hunting articles and other information located in the Category links immediately below this writing.  If you see the words, “Previous Entries” in the bottom left hand corner of a page, you can click on it to view additional documents and photos.   I hope to have links to hunting and outdoor photo galleries, outdoor related websites and any number of related topics.  You can enlarge almost all the photos on this blog by placing your cursor on it and double clicking.

My goal is to create a destination where visitors can discuss hunting tactics and general tips, fishing,  recreational vehicles, camping, hunting gear, trail cameras and everything else “under the sun”.  Post a comment.  Ask a question.  Share your favorite wild game recipes.  Feel free to carry on about whatever flips your switch – so long as it is related to writing, trail cams, hunting or other outdoor activities. 

I hope to meet you on the trail.

Jim Gaskins


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  1. Hi Jim, Great story of Stan Jackson. Is it possible to contact him? I was lucky enough to draw a So Central BHS tag. I’ve been scouting 22 days and have only seen 1 ram. I’d appreciate a nudge in the right direction. And do you have a great taxidermist you could recommend? (not to put the cart before the horse) but a good contact would be appreciated.

    Comment by Pete Dumont | August 8, 2017 | Reply

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