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Huge North Carolia Catfish

Matt and His Boys with Big Catfish

Matt Sherwood is the son of one of my oldest friends.  Accompanied by his wife Shannon and their boys, Taylor and Logan, Matt moved to Shannon’s home state of North Carolina.  An avid outdoorsman, he immediately set about finding places to hunt for deer and turkeys and the best places to wet a fishing line.  As you can see by the above photographs, he has definitely found some huge catfish!  They have also caught some really large Gar.  When I was a kid we caught a ton of these in the Illinois River.  We called them “Alligator-Gar” because of their long narrow teeth filled jaws.

I’ll give you the FAQ’s, the how and where, after I next speak to Matt.  Until then, I wanted to make these photos available for folks to enjoy.

Good Fishing Matt!  Maybe you can fill in the where and how in the comments section.

I am looking forward to posting some turkey and whitetail deer photos from North Carolina in the future.


April 26, 2008 - Posted by | Fish and Other Stuff that Swims


  1. Hey Jimbo. The catfish we have been catching in about eight feet of water. I’ve been catching a bucket full of ten inch crappie out of a farm pond in the mornings, before we head to the lake. I think the boys enjoy catching crappie more than catfish. Probably because there’s alot more action. I keep the crappie alive and hook them through the eyes and toss em into the channel. If the catfish are biting, it’s usually only a matter of minutes before the drag starts singing. It’s legal in North Carolina to fish with as many rods as you want so I usually put out about six. These blue cats are extremely aggressive and fight like sturgeon, jumping out of the water and running as much line out as they can before they get tired out. Good hunting and fishing, I’ll keep the pictures comin.

    Comment by Matt Sherwood | April 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. Man that sounds like fun! Makes me want to visit North Carolina. Keep em coming Matt. Thanks.


    Comment by jimgaskins | April 29, 2008 | Reply

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